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Daily Notes - February 4, 2019

10:59 pm - Longest day ever  

Today I drove 530 miles for Uber and Lyft, easily the most in a single day since I started.  It was a typical morning dropping people off at various schools around Passaic County - preschool, high school, college, I did them all.  These are usually short, uneventful and without a tip but you can't avoid them if you're working weekday mornings.

The real driving didn't start until around 1:30pm when I got a two and a half hour Uber trip from Fort Lee, New Jersey to Mansfield, Connecticut. For some reason, Uber blocks me from picking up riders outside of New Jersey but Lyft allows it, so after I dropped off the Uber passenger from Fort Lee, I switched to Lyft with the intention of doing a few more rides before heading home.

The soul-crushing moment of the day came after I picked up my third passenger in Connecticut and noted the destination- two and a half hours to Schenectady, New York, a dark, lonely drive through the middle of nowhere that leaves me with another two and a half hours to get home.  These were my two longest drives since I started and they just happened to come on the same day.  Some drivers would have refused the Schenectady haul but I never cancel trips at the curb and I wasn't going to start now.

Today's travels, from my Google Maps timeline:

Rideshare route Uber and Lyft, NJ, CT, NY, MA

The last leg of this journey, from Schenectady to Hackensack, cost me tolls, gas and 2 1/2 hours (with no passenger) but it was still a very profitable day:

Uber earnings + Lyft earnings - tolls - gas = net earnings
233.85 + 115.34 - 20.40 - 43.51 = $285.28

Fatigue will be a factor on days like this so play it safe and consider your energy level before you accept the next ride or decide to drive home.


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